Meet Duane.

  • Meet Duane.

    Born in Portsmouth and raised in Leigh Park, Duane Bradshaw's journey embodies resilience, determination, and the pursuit of passion. Despite not excelling in academics, Duane's strong work ethic led him to a local engineering company in Emsworth, where his career started as a Welder Fabricator.

    At 24, Duane embarked on a new chapter by joining the RAF as an infantry Regiment Gunner. The rigorous training tested his limits but instilled invaluable qualities of fortitude and maturity. Sadly, a serious injury during an exercise led to his discharge, leaving him at a crossroads.

    Undeterred, Duane channeled the lessons learned from the RAF into entrepreneurship. In 2016, he founded his welding and fabrication business, which flourished, leading to opportunities across Scandinavia and Europe. However, a devastating setback occurred when his tools and machines were stolen, forcing him to rebuild from scratch by returning to work in the Portsmouth dockyard.

    Just as he was regaining momentum, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, prompting Duane to reassess his path. recognising a passion for coffee, he took a bold leap in 2020 to establish Broadway Coffee Roasters, seizing upon a gap in the market with unwavering determination.

    Duane Bradshaw's journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of pursuing one's passions, showcasing that even in the face of adversity, new beginnings are possible with courage and conviction.