Our solar assisted 20kg Typhoon Coffee Roaster

  • Check out our solar assisted 20kg Typhoon Coffee Roaster

    Introducing our cutting-edge coffee roaster machine, powered by patented 'fluid bed' technology. This innovation ensures 100% even coffee roasts, 30-40% faster than traditional methods, while preventing scorching by uniformly spreading beans across a horizontal grid. Whether in manual or automatic mode, our roaster faithfully reproduces pre-set profiles with swift, real-time reactions. Plus, with our efficient Recycling Air System, utilising just 0.35 kW to roast a kilogram of coffee, we minimise energy usage and costs. We now achieve up to 10 x more output compared to our drum roasters with our 20 kg Industrial model, processing up to 120 kg per hour and 1000kg per day effortlessly.